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Let's talk about your solutions.

Create your very own solutions with me, for business and personal matters. 

I offer coaching sessions in English, German and Spanish, in Düsseldorf as well as online.  

Contact me for a complimentary consultation, and let's explore how I can best support you. 

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I am a psychologist, a solution-focused coach, and a graduate of the Kellogg WHU Executive MBA program. 

A German national and local in Düsseldorf, I have lived and worked across Europe throughout my corporate career prior to becoming a coach.

As a member of the International Coach Federation, I adhere to the ICF code of ethics and professional conduct.  

Evelyn Janetzki 

Psychologist / EMBA



A step-by-step journey towards your goals.

In English, German, or Spanish.


I offer solution-focused coaching, which centers on the result you want to achieve, and to get you closer to it. Within a few sessions, there is usually sufficient progress to enable you to continue independently.

Each coaching session is unique. There are, however, some recurring 

elements that help us move closer to your solution, such as:

  • Explore what your life will look like once you'll have achieved your goal. What will change? How will you notice those changes?

  • Consider your resources, such as past experiences, and draw a path for you to get closer to where you want to be.

  • Identify how to best support you to actually take those steps. 

Sessions are flexible in duration, as we work according to your needs. Typically, you will spend 45 to 90 productive minutes per coaching session. 



In Düsseldorf, and wherever you are.

Online via the free web service Zoomno download or registration required. 

From the comfort of your home, or any other place of your choosing. 

In Düsseldorf at a central location with a private meeting room and great accessibility by both car and public transport.

Monday to Friday, from 8.30 am to 6 pm.

Call or email me to make an appointment. You may also book available slots here. Nothing fits your schedule? Contact me, and we'll find a solution.


Create the (professional) life you want.

One solution at a time.

Coaching supports you in setting and eventually achieving your goals in a wide range of professional and personal situations. In my experience, it is most useful for complex topics, where several - and often conflicting - factors are at play.

When the best outcome depends on what your personal situation and preferences are, a skilled coach helps you to identify what you really want and how you can get there, given your circumstances and available resources. 

Benefits of a good coach range from reaching your goals faster and 

experiencing fewer setbacks on the journey, to enjoying greater personal freedom as you adapt your (professional) life to fit your personal preferences. 


1 goal definition session

3 coaching sessions 

Recommended for new customers

Total cost: 490€

OPTIONAL: Add additional coaching sessions according to your needs (160€ total cost per session)

1 goal definition session

5 individual coaching sessions

Total cost: 740€ 

OPTIONAL: Add additional coaching sessions according to your needs (150€ total cost per session)

1 goal definition session

2 coaching sessions per month

Minimum duration three months 

Monthly cost: 290€ 

OPTIONAL: Add additional coaching sessions according to your needs (140€ total cost per session)