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Let's talk about your solutions.

Create your very own and unique solutions with me, for business and personal matters. 

I offer coaching sessions in English, German and Spanish, in Düsseldorf as well as online.  

Contact me for a complimentary goal definition session - I'm looking forward to meeting you, and to exploring how I can best support you. 

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I am a psychologist, solution-focused coach, and a graduate of the Kellogg WHU Executive MBA program. 

A German national, I have lived and worked across Europe throughout my corporate career prior to becoming a coach.

As a member of the International Coach Federation, I adhere to the ICF code of ethics and professional conduct.  

Evelyn Janetzki 

Psychologist / EMBA



Coaching sessions generally begin with a precise definition of what you want to achieve, followed by understanding exactly what your situation will be like once your goals will have been realized. Then we look at your resources and past situations in which you successfully achieved a similar goal, and draw out a path for you to get closer to what you want to achieve. Finally, we identify how to best support you to actually take those steps.

Follow-up sessions will be variations of this outline, and focus on the progress towards achieving your goals. 

Available in English, German and Spanish. Session duration typically varies between 45 and 70 minutes. 

Depending on your goals, you may choose between a fixed number of sessions, or ongoing support. Please refer to the Services section below for details on packages and pricing.


Online coaching sessions via Zoom from the comfort of your home or office, or any other place of your choosing. 

Meetings in person may take place at one of several workspaces across Düsseldorf, or other locations within the city, at your convenience.


Coaching supports you in achieving your goals within a variety of professional and personal situations. You may feel challenged to identify what exactly you want - a good coach will help you to nail it down. Or you're clear on your goal, even on the steps to get you there. But somehow, there's also something stopping you from actually pulling through. Your coach will help you take steps in the direction you want, and to create a support system for progress.

Solution-focused coaching is all about, you guessed it, finding and working towards a solution. As a result, we focus much more on the situation you wish to attain than the one you are currently in. This creates space for possibilities, solutions, to appear and be pursued.

Change often comes quickly, and after a few sessions you may feel confident to continue on your own for this particular topic.


Coaching Package SMALL

Smallest package, includes a goal definition session and three individual coaching sessions.

Recommended for new customers.

Total cost: 400€

OPTIONAL: Add additional coaching sessions according to your needs (120€ total cost per session).

Coaching Package MEDIUM

Most popular package, includes a goal definition session and five individual coaching sessions.

Total cost: 600€ 

OPTIONAL: Add additional coaching sessions according to your needs (110€ total cost per session).

Coaching Package LARGE

Long-term package, includes a goal definition session and two individual coaching sessions per month.

Minimum duration three months. 

Monthly cost: 250€ 

OPTIONAL: Add additional coaching sessions according to your needs (100€ total cost per session).